Don’t Kill me because I’m different!

How does it feel to wear a trouser so huge and hollow like a windsock?

Does wearing it feel like boarding a KAB 623A?
Standing by the road it shakes like flags of Caribbean by a mere contact with the wind!

Okay, what about those brief pieces of trousers thin as a rake, when squeezed in it you seem on competition with a sausage!
How does it feel to have logs of dead hair on top of your head in the name of dreadlocks!
When you visit your neighbor in the village they must keep casting burning suspicious glances on you, seeming to shout, “don’t elopes with our tiny black and white Te- elevation!

What about taking a shave that leaves a shiny and slippery playground on top there and bushy moustache under that airport leaving an African
How does it feel to wear those humongous shoes that leaves you with lopsided gait like a shoe bomber!
Or for ladies, wobbling into the highlifted shoes that forces you to tiptoe the whole day and with all metals on your body notoriously ringing like Jingle bells!

You may have a tinge of the African ointment with sprinkled westerners complexion. The other one may be crowned with every touch of Grade-A overpopulated melanin.
Whatever the feeling, whatever the perception, it is different from a different eye!

In personality, background, nature, dressing, speaking, we are different!
Don’t force me to whisper like you do when I’m loud and amplified at vocal chords!

Some are enthusiastic while others are enthuseriastic (serious) 😂.

While some are buried in the thicket of their beds by 7pm, those who would rather see 3 from the night than morning, are turning for round 2 slumber voyage at 7 am!
Without mentioning the snorting who must turn every night into a snore-fest you know!

Some from the town,and African culture is a torture, agriculture is bitter but their porridge is bitter water.

Those of the village, agriculture is leisure.
Don’t be offended when waiting for them at the Anniversary towers and they find themselves lost at uhuru park they must saunter back to Afya center to trace their roots.

There are things you cant change about yourself and you don’t even need to. Yes, the version of you called personality cannot change but can only be adjusted where necessary.
Don’t try to be any person. Don’t shed off melanin to become white so that he can fall in love with you!
Don’t feign slow, detailed and even-keel when you are spontaneous, boisterous and adventurous.
They say you’re too short, compared to who?
Comparing the tall with a flag post, he’s a dwarf!
He isn’t less spiritual because he can’t shout when preaching, He isn’t a spiritual dwarf because he can’t tell you “I can see, I can see!”

Love who you are, be
grateful that God made you you and show that God never made a failure.

Hey bro,
Don’t force the girl you imagine into the girl she is. If she ain’t the queen you seek be still and give her room!
She can be dark but with a bright future!

Hey sister,
He’s a gentleman enough when he shows you his leeward side. He also needs some shielding. Prodding his pocket way too far will tear it!

Accept who he is, Accept who she is
Love/him or her!
Together challenge each other to become a better version not a different version!

Provided we read from the same script.
That in matters of strength, we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.
That in matters of outlook, we are fearfully and wonderfully made!
That in matters of identity, we are a new creation in the Lord Jesus Christ!

The rest is diversity, it is beauty!



When my star dim
And my sight slim
When I’m all blind
When there is no spark in the anticipated future,
When I wallow in the mess
And my next step is a colossal guess,
When white turn black,
When all is dark and I’m stuck
Hold me!

When scorches the sun
Hard, so hard burn
When grows dry my throat
On me in full throttle
When the weight bends me
Reducing my feeble legs
When it breaks my brittle body.
Hold me!

When my strength fails me
When my spirit is disintegrating
When I’m tearful, timid and torn
When nothing in me want to try
When all goes dry
On that day
Remind me it was never my strength
That propelled me this far
Even if every ounce I would marshal
And strength summon all
I would tiptoe and fall
Before I remember this all
Hold me!

On that fateful day
When I can no longer pray
When your voice is hard to obey
Or in your house stay
Remind me your promise stands!
When the rain hits hard
And I can no longer stand
Or your word understand
When my heart is hurt
My hope is all cut
When my doors are all shut
When I’m tattered, hammered and shattered
Pick up the pebbles
Remind me your promise still stands!
And Hold me!

On the night of gloom
At the valley of doom
Unshackle the chain
Erase the pain
On that day,
Give me the strength to true
Till all this is through.
Before this you do,
Hold me!

When I’m lured
In the tide of pride
When the distance from you is so wide
When wandering outside
And the way I cannot find
When I’ve lied
All I’ve tried
Remind me
Before I’ve died.
Remind me He that died
Return me to abide
Turn me inside.
And Hold me!

On that day when the adversary shouts
A broken relationship
A lost battle
A wasted life
Give me the strength
To turn on hope
To turn on faith
To turn on a new Chapter
To turn on my Bible!

© Tonny Itabari

2018 Collection

“Holiday too long,Mwalimu Intervene!”


Students proceeded to their Long Holidays few days ago. Some have been merrily received while others elicit hue and cry.
A day to closing the school a parent called me lamenting,

“Why release them this early. An holiday of two months is way too long”

Oh I thought in jubilation he would thank me for being with his dreaded son for three whole months and express his eagerness to receive him home!

On the weighing balance is the moral debasement of the young generation today versus the passivity of parents in the nosediving parenthood.
It hits some parents now that those rabble-rousers and dexterous conflagrators are becoming their house mates for the next two months.

They’re about to taste the modicum of the teachers’ menu.
The #IfikieWazazi was an hot button few months ago. The issue elopsed with humongous airtime among the youths in Kenya.
In my own opinion, at the epicenter of these issues is poor parenting. #IfikieWazazi was a platform to let the parents catch a glimpse of who their children really are.
On the flip side the children are also to blame. With the all-out reprehensible attitude among youths, parents have a reason to dread the long vacation.
The impetus of this predicament is insufficient time parents spend with children. As a teacher, a sizeable number of the male high school students I’ve talked to, have confessed to never have had candid conversations with their fathers. Between them is a superficial relationship marked with fear and intimidation.
Fathers are so busy making money for the families rather than making their families. They merely spend the leftovers of their time with their families.
The long October to December Holiday may turn to a platform for episode 2 of the heinous #IfikieWazazi, if the opportunity is not intentionally seized by the parents.

Some will merely catalyse hibernation of these ‘guests’ and soon than later they will joyfully eject them back to school. The aftermath is the teacher wrestling a simmering pest!

When trouble hits the ceiling and the parent is summoned, with all temerity he will feign shock, that his obedient son has been tempted to crime!
We must rethink parenting and with such an opportunity strike while the iron is hot.
If tomorrow’s generation will annihilate the glaring immorality and monstrous corruption we must deliberately build them in integrity today.

Blindfold me PaPa, I can see through your eyes!


“Good morning Papa”
“Glory Glory My Spiritual Son”

images (4)

After a tense moment of exchanging prophetic pleasantries.
“You must attend a meeting today. All my 67 sons and daughters are attending”

“Oh dad, I thought I had told you I’m attending a CU executive meeting…

” Who is your father? you can’t miss this okay!”
After an air splitting tense silence….
“And dad I needed to tell you something, we are in love with Favor”
“Dave No!
You can’t court Favor. She is my spiritual daughter, you are my spiritual son. THAT WILL BE SPIRITUAL INCEST!”

It’s ridiculous! This is a version of a true story!

The hyped up ‘Spiritual parenting’ in our generation is flawless, erroneous and unscriptural.
People spontaneously descend on others and demand that they make them slaves (because the superficial relationships with an intimidating Spiritual Father is nothing but a marking scheme of slavery)
Young men and women are daily wallowing in deception of kowtowing demigods in the name of spiritual Papas and Mamas.

This deception is perpetuated by the increased ‘Bible illiteracy’
The prophecies from these spiritual leaders are taken to be gospel truth without caring to subject it to the truth in the scriptures.
Mentorship whose aim is manipulation, intimidation and fleecing is nothing but an hypnosis to witchcraf

The first-hand fruits of a man-made religion.

The early church and the church today!
Oh man! Two different churches.
Teachings today are shallow
Relationships superficial
Love conditional
Worship entertaining
The miracles! Artificial
We are blindfolded than we are shepherded,
We are brainwashed than we are blood washed,
We are misled than led,
Seeking men royalty than demonstrating loyalty to God.
In turns they teach speaking in tongues than they teach speaking truth.
They carry success in positive confession and declarations.
They don’t teach that bringing up Godly children doesn’t take just a positive confession but diligence in taking up that God-given privilege.
They don’t teach men that with shallow commitments, passiveness and negligence no declaration that will be a shortcut to Godly manhood.
They don’t teach young ministers (being one of them) that it doesn’t just take positive confession and terrorizing the devil in dramatization to grow into maturity.
Prophecies, Apostolic voice, laying of hands, speaking in tongues, kilometrick prayers and spiritual fatherhood are now keys to skyrocket in Spiritualism replacing spiritual disciplines like prayer, fasting, Bible study and Meditation.
Even when we are humble enough to fast without advertising it, we do it to bribe God and at its best to arm-twist Him.
We attach value no longer to character but to cars.
If he has a probox, probe him to prayer.
If he has Rolls Royce, He is a prayer bulldozer who can fix any spiritual rollercoaster!
No wonder our highly populated Christian country wallows in first-class corruption

Who is our mentor?

Jesus discipled closely 12 men and one fell out. When you want 67 spiritual sons are you Holy Ghost junior???
Discipleship must be Christ-centered. It is not an avenue for self-promotion and creating of celebrity vain glamour.
It should be aimed at depth rather than the numbers.
It is not an avenue for fame but a privilege to point others to the cross and walk them up the narrow path.
Discipleship is a great tool in Christian living but we must watch lest we build our own empires rubbing on them mentorship.

1 Peter 5:2-4
Be shepherds of God’s flock that is under your care, watching over them—not because you must, but because you are willing, as God wants you to be; not pursuing dishonest gain, but eager to serve; not lording it over those entrusted to you, but being examples to the flock. And when the Chief Shepherd appears, you will receive the crown of glory that will never fade away.

Christianity in Crisis.


Mark 10:21
Jesus looked at him and loved him. “One thing you lack,” he said. “Go, sell everything you have and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me.”

The call to be his disciples is not an easy one. It is a hard one especially in the greedy generation led by money-obsessed god men in the name of men of God. The call to discipleship is not a sugarcoated tantalizing plea that men have designed.
How easily have we diluted, abused and touted gospel truths for selfish gains.
When Jesus is saying seek the kingdom of God first the impostors who promise to take us to unprecedented prosperity shamelessly stand on pulpit to promote greed.
They preach prosperity whole year and sneak the name of Jesus in their villainous declarations.
Is Jesus not telling us how hard it is for the rich to inherit the kingdom of God?
Those that are obsessed by love for material glory, those that are thirsty for money and those that have graduated from seeking material glory to promoting it are not his disciples.
Money makes sense to them than character, gold makes sense to them than God. No wonder for money they will lie, they will corrupt and receive millions from those who have bribed their way up political ladder.
We even have attempted to bribe God. We ascend prayer mountains to arm-twist God. We command him in prayer and demand our rights before God who owe us nothing.

And they say there is nothing wrong with Prosperity Gospel?
The gospel that champion material glory as the ultimate need for humanity?
The gospel that says if you are sick or poor you are not a child of God?
The gospel that strips off the cross it’s power?
The gospel that says that Jesus died to offer me a Rolls Royce?
If it’s not the heinous poison then I need a new definition of the same.
Until a man has an eternal perspective, until a man’s need for Christ in an incomparable way surpasses his need for money, unless a man seeks and serves God not for what there is in for him, unless unless unless this happens, one doesn’t even know the meaning of being his disciple.

We drink poison from the very pulpit we expect to experience God.
god men wearing coolest suits shamelessly stand to praise prosperity than Jesus.

Christ will give you a nice job, a six figure salary, the best of the cars”
At the core of these cliches is greed. We have no time to tell people hard gospel truths but we have the luxury of time to shout to them what their ears are itching to hear.
He truly blesses but if this is the sole reason for serving him then I’m just another misplaced gambler.
We must be ashamed of the lies perpetuated in our very hearing. Unless we stand for gospel truths this fleecing will continue by the self-promoting false prophets.
They walk in mystery, they cannot be questioned, they are always right, they can say anything, command anyone for anything.
Oh they know nothing about servant leadership yet they brag about how humble they are and we praise them for their fake humility.

Jesus commands us to abandon everything and follow him, he commands us to lay down everything for him, even when we have money he commands us to live as though we are poor, he commands us to get our value and significance not from our bank accounts but from our relationship with him.
Our relationship with him will therefore influence what we say and how we say it, what we do and how we do it and who we are.

Luk 16:13-14
“No servant can serve two masters. Either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and Money.”
The Pharisees, who loved money, heard all this and were sneering at Jesus.

  • But there is a different path, walk with me by God’s grace.
    I want to remain small to all than tall then fall.
    I want to remain simple and truthful than huge and boastful.
    I want to be a light tool in the hands of God than a hardheaded bull-like self-promoting good god-man.
    I want to remain true to God’s eyes being considered a fool in the eyes of men than the vice-versa.
    I would rather preach till we kneel down in tears rather than rise them to their feet with applause and smiles at the end of the sermon.
    I want to remain small like the seed of Chinese bamboo tree, taking 5 years before germinating, sipping water in preparation, building enormous roots to hold me tomorrow and then towering 80 feet in weeks for his glory.
    I better remain a truthful weakling than a successful liar.
    Yes like the 11 weaklings the Lord left behind, they closed windows and doors in fear, they were not too strong but before long they were turning the world upside down with the gospel.
    You know what!
    When they were tortured for gospel they rejoiced that they were worthy suffering for the gospel.
    Where did that go?
    You know what!
    Call me not Apostle, or Bishop or any of those names.
    Let them fight for the titles.
    My lord taught me to do it and not publicize. It should only be public enough to bring him glory. When they ran to recognize me I will point them to the cross and say “Go and worship him, it’s purely his work”
    I will be aggressive to my sin and gracious to the sin of others.

I will rather stay home to love my wife and lead her to heaven than convene thousands of daughters of Zion into a glorious summit with a wife going to hell.

I will call corruption what it is even in the presence of its masterminds.
I wanna remain small but impactful.
I would rather be in a street sharing the love of Christ than on television spreading poison.
I would rather share gospel truths to street children rather than manipulate bourgeoisies with the sugarcoated gospel.

I would rather impact my students with Godly values than be lured up the evil ladder.
I will give to the hearts of my students more than I receive at the end of the month.
I will give them not only assignment to take home but testimony to mull over.
I will not only give them pompous hope for campus but for eternity.
I will not only provide material support to the poor but at the end of the street I will point them to the cross.
I wanna be a simple teacher.
Presenting a robust witness of the risen Christ in Character than in cars that I own.
Presenting remarkable Faith in his saving grace and transforming power than in the testimony of my bank accounts.
I would rather stay at home, love my family and train my children in the ways of the Lord than export my greed and transform God’s altar into my fundraising platform.

I want to live Godly values in the lives of people, transformed lives, men who know not how to preach anything than gospel truth, those who know not how to steal, those who not shut down the truth when they see money, those who abhor what God abhors.
I want to live behind a rich generation in character than fat bank accounts.
I want not to cause people sin in my burial lying about the man I was but that they will be gripped by the reality of eternity.
Then I will walk home empty to be with the angels.

I will by God’s help.



I WILL WAIT. POLA_20180315_130613

When lover birds perch
And with an urge I watch
The hallmarks of beauty,
When my heart race
Demanding to chase
My lover to trace,
When my head go ablaze
And the heart wait for a chance
On beauty to pounce,
When urge and nudge
Make eyes to bulge
My heart they won’t snatch
For I will wait.

Though a jewel she is
That makes me at ease
Even with her dexterity please!
Which almost bewitch,
When she is at it,
And the heat eat
When my heart skip a beat
I will retreat a bit.
Though beauty I kowtow
I will row my heart slow
I do not know how
But sure somehow
I will wait.

Even on Summer
At the eve of summer love
I will not stammer,
Saying truth to her
Even when the heart is rough
After the waiting is enough
And restraining will hurt,
When bursting with love
Love beyond words
When her words hush
Leading me to blush,
They will hatch no touch
With all the height and weight,
I will wait

When at the bay
And visit she will pay
Will resist her beauty array
And stare away
In a whisper pray
Waiting for the day
When will appear a ray-
The love who will stay
For that is the day
To bae I will say
“Will you…?

The clock will chime
And wait for the time
When hands are strong to hold
And heart strong and bold
When mist begin to fold
My heart will build a threshold
With joy untold
Will hold her like gold
On the onset of our mercury love.
When my look at her,
Will be her romance weaver
And the sight of my dear,
Will be my heart healer
When her cheer,
Will be my heart cooler
When her whisper in my ear,
Will be my shock absorber.

For she ain’t come to just jolt cold,
But for good and for worse
Together we shall grow old.
I am patiently waiting!

©Tonny Kimathi Itabari


download (1)” It is wrong but you can’t disobey your spiritual Dad”
Words of counsel given to a church devout…This is not a new statement in the church today.
Spiritual Fathers are worthy anything and everything today..
They are worthy a all-day service when we cant afford 3 hours in prayer without a round of 30+ yawns.
They are worthy galons of attention yet we cant open our ears to God’s instructions, we aggressively revise their sermons all day but no attention to God’s word.
They are worthy songs of praises but we afford no time to evangelize by God’s word without preaching their lives.
They are worthy a seed to declare speed on you but you eat tithe and offering raw.
They are worthy your 30 minutes kneeling down as they wash you with Glycerine and yet you cant submit to the blood of Jesus to wash you of this ignorance.
When did the spiritual father become too important than my biological father? That when he calls my father becomes irrelevant.
There is great confusion, great identity crisis.
Jesus says rejoice in sufferings because they will ultimately produce persverance but your spiritual father says ”You cant suffer unless you arent my son”
Jesus says about the small copper coin giver that she offered more than the merchants but your pastor calls this poverty.
Jesus says let your left hand know not what your right hand is doing but your pastor calls you to publicize it: in fact to flag your offering for God to see it clearly.
Jesus says freely you are given freely give but your pastor’s consultation fee is expensive than your one week expenditure.
Jesus says that love, Justice and faithfulness are the weightier matters of the law but your pastor says tithing is.
Jesus washes the feet of his disciples but your pastor cannot step on a naked ground without a red carpet which he alone has monopoly over.
Jesus says that your father knows what you need even before you ask but your pastor says ”God can do NOTHING unless by prayer”
Jesus says ”ASK” your pastor says “COMMAND”
When they say drink anointing oil you do so.
when they say you cant marry her, you obey without a question.
When the say empty your pocket into theirs you seek no God’s will.
They want you to believe, respect and kowtow them or you will be cursed but paul says ”neither the one who plants nor the one who waters is anything ,but only God who makes things grow”
Because of blind loyalty we have fallen prey of false prophets’ doctrines.
We bynamed evil those that question the spiritual authorities but remember
the Bereans were of noble character because they examined by scriptures
what paul taught.
The spiritual father, pastor or Bishop should be respected but every instruction they give must be in line with the word of God,else it should be disagreed with respectfully.
” But even we or an angel from heaven should preach a gospel other than the one that we preached to you, let them be under a curse” Galatians 1:8
Your spiritual father or mentor is not the final authority but the word of God is. You should respect him but not worship him.


1454758_289163554541935_431566517_n”Your seed is your speed” WHAT?

Glatians 1:8
”But even if we or an angel from heaven should preach a gospel other than the one we preached to you, let them be under God’s curse”

This is one of the unpopular scripture among this generation’s self acclaimed prophets.Those peddlers of the gospel.Those who who have been robbed of the truth and who think that godliness is a means to financial gain.We are living in the age of dire greed for material glory.
The gospel of grace is supersonically turning into a gospel of greed.
We have preachers in Mega mountains of fire from all corners of the town desperately magnetizing humanity by the sugar coated promises of goodies.

Conformity into culture of materialism and man glory.
This has left us singing I surrender all but desperately seeking to possess all.
It has left us seeking first material glory then the kingdom of God shall be added unto us.
It is all evident in their sermons that hit 60 minutes plus on the wings of upward mobility but only sneak salvation in the fundraising altar call.
Call me bleak in vision and malicious if this is not in the bosom of almost every practising and potential televangelist.
We need to be cautious of the flawed faith and this venomous theology that strips off the scripture it’s meaning imposing on it what ears are itching to hear.
I’m not condemning success and prosperity as in the revealed will of God.
Jesus did not condemn possession but he pointed out the foolishness of temporary rather than eternal perspective.
Mat 6:19
“Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy and where thieves break in and steal;
“but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys and where thieves do not break in and steal.

How will they preach the truth and people do not have a taste for that?
They dare not aggressively confront evils because they have ‘serious’ government officials as part of their fat congregation. You need to watch Franklin Grahams prayer During the Donald Trump Inauguration,He stands on the pinnacle of the nation that has by all means strangled the true gospel,and he publicly emphasizes on Jesus Christ as the only way to the Father.
Who did they say is part of their congregation?

You may like it or not but if you are preaching a gospel that uses Jesus as an ATM machine;A gospel that uses Jesus as a means to satisfy your greed and humongous earthly appetites you are preaching a lie from the devil.Hate me for this but infallible service to God is worthy any price.

The devil has shackled you into the mania of Using the pulpit as a funds raising platform than souls raising platform for the glory of God.You preach Jesus because you love money and not him and thus you are an idol worshipper.
The more we know him the more the things of the earth should grow strangely dim in the light of His glory and grace. The bottom line is to develop an eternal rather than temporary perspective -eyes that can look beyond time and space into eternity.God cannot be used as the means to anyone end but he is the glorious end himself.





Let me risk share the story of one of my friends  whose name I don’t have a choice but to withhold for several reasons;

One because of what they call security reasons (though I don’t know what it really means) ,but secondly because as I merely  build my spiritual stature my brother knows  how in addition to build his physique through mountains of the daily companion-African cake(Ugali) which Im tempted to think was a 1X2 doctor’s  prescription.Final reason it’s because I still want to have my dental formula intact even after writing this story,which my friend can easily disorganize if I even  mentioned three letter of his name which sounds like an email address if not an indian type of a taboo.

Lets just call him ZOM.


Now,I can describe my friend in my tired and archaic artificial grammar as “Seriointerndisosis”,This is the  term that can come any close to the condition Zom is suffering from.(relax I will tell you what this condition is later,don’t bother your dictionary,and if you want go ahead)

One day I watched Zom program his day and as he verbally planned and thinking loudly and without realizing I was around) he uttered..” 6 hours  whattsaping,9 hours  sleeping  (but with 3 hours of whatsapp In between) 6 hours facebooking,4 hours  instagramming(doing what)”.

Oh Zom had programmed for 25 hours,He did this because he had to rush and change his Whatsap status to something like;

“ I am not addicted to WHATS APP. I only use it when I have time ……. lunch time, break time, bed time, this time, that time, any time, all the time. “

Or “TODAY has been cencelled. Go back to BED “

Or “Life is too short. Don’t waste it reading my status.”

The only time Zom makes sense is when he has tried something like “Don’t kiss behind the garden, Love is blind but the neighbors are not.”

But I would suggest this one for him, “ Hey there whatsapp is using me.”

You are laughing,I don’t know if its because Zom is hilarious or archaic,but any can do if not the two.

Zom  last seen is like;

WHATSAPP; Last seen 1 minute ago

BIBLE; last seen 2014



Are you any different from Zom? Could you also be suffering from Zom’sCondition,Seriointerndisosis’.

This means “Serious Internet Disorder”(come on,you thought it’s a scientific stuff,almost making it a prayer item.How many times will I tell you that my Sciences CLASS meanin g was-Come Late And Start Sleeping)anyway forgive me.

As a matter of fact we have a serious issue than we ever had with this generation.It is a generation where their entire life is in the smartphone.Their Job in Sport pesa,their recreation in FIFA,their brain in goggle,their fellowship in Whattsap,their courtship in Facebook,their lovers in gallery etc.

Young people have an intense affinity for social media.The day school opens is the day they begin anticipating for the holidays and the pathetic sandwiched days in school is merely imagined life;just like life in a dream.

At 00hrs the friends online are uncountable you will think that Mark Zuckerberg conveyed an urgent meeting.What do I see on your whatsapp?

Your last seen ? Then Zom  retorts  in that ear-piercing Amerucan accent “My last seen” was just to check your “last seen”…

You may not be any different from Zom.Tell me what kind of chats you are doing past 12?

Doing a bible exposition with sister Nameless?

Or conducting a deliverance service?

Many of the chats in the early wee hours especially with the members of the opposite sex are ungodly and immoral.

As I speak to Zom’s rabbit like ears (that’s what he calls mine) you also need to take radical and deliberate step to unshackle yourself from this dungeon of Seriointerndisosis.Else you will drown into procrastination,unproductivity,anti-social habits,time distortion etc.

Use the social media in ways to benefit yourself and others.

Else you will become a Zombie like Zom (oh I let the cat out of the basket.You now know Zom is Zombie)

Bye ,Greet Zom on my behalf,and I expect many of you to greet yourselves.